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    Default Re: [3.5] The Flash: Vanguard Class & Lightning Fox Discipline

    Ahh I see. That is true...I guess the FoM is fine at level 18 then. Also would this class prioritize Dex or Str? It seems to imply Dex but Str also helps with many of its abilities. What did you intend when you made this class?

    Also just noticed that your table's stance progression is wrong too. Second stance is at 3rd level right?

    Have you thought about adding the other feats in the Spring Attack line?

    I think what can help diversify the discipline are some "close combat" maneuvers. Right now it has a huge dependence in being able to move in a straight line - but this results in the high base move speed hindering the class. Even in a relatively big and open plain, how often do you get to move 300 ft before hitting opponents? Obviously this is solved by class features at higher levels, but really you can have maneuvers for it as well.

    For example, instead of "moving X in a straight line" (by the way, you misspell "straight" multiple times throughout your maneuvers. You should fix that ) you can use other criteria.

    One criteria could be "when you are above your opponent by X feet". Why is this more close combat oriented? First of all, you are normally "boxed in" when there are walls and roofs around you. However, the Vanguard is one of the few classes that is able to freely move between floor, wall, and even ceiling with ease.

    This means that even if the Vanguard is boxed in, she can just moved above her opponent and use this maneuver. Much more painless and provides a fun option on a tactical level.

    You can think of other fun requirements as well. Basically, stressing the agile nature of mobility and the ability to attack from different angles to catch the opponent off guard. This allows more variety than "charge for X distance in a straight line". I think that is something that is not really represented in your discipline, which focuses a lot on just being able to cover large tracts of land at a quick pace.

    Finally, I feel like you did a great job and I really look forward to how you might change this class!


    Also another thing - your maneuver recovery system is a little awkward. It prohibits someone from readying the same maneuver twice in a row, even if they did NOT expend it in the previous round.

    This penalizes the Vanguard for choosing too many of its options in one go, even when they are able to. For example, a level 20 Vanguard can easily reach 300 ft. But if they actually ready 10 maneuvers, they would only be able to ready 4 maneuvers the next round, even if they only used one or two.

    This doesn't make a lot of sense. Instead, they should be prohibited from expending the same maneuver twice in a row. That is what you're aiming for after all right?

    Ignore this. I thought each new round REPLACES the maneuvers readied. Nevermind.
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