[Ilpholin's Office]

"Oh dear." Says Kal dryly. "I should warn you, however, that I am quite skilled in counter interrogation and have been trained to resist many forms of torture."

Name: Kal'selthezaar
Age: 62
Sex: Male
Species: Devil-Blooded Human
Profession: Assassin/Soldier
Reason for joining AMEN: Because Evil is totally groovy and I want it to prosper.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Stealth and combat skills, including proficiency in most weapons, especially the sword, shield, javelin and spear. Possible assistance from diabolical forces.
References (Victims preferred): NON-VICTIMS:
Lord Grimsmith Bladebeard (if still living), General Barticuul, General Ethuriel, General Faceripper the Cruel, General Percival Heatherington-Smythe Cumberbatch the Fifth, Lord Magtok, Ilpholin Xar'Cha (apparently). VICTIMS: Multiple human and dwarves nobles, merchants, guild leaders and others with rich or powerful enemies, including necessary guards. Two orc warchiefs. One elven ambassador, including two elven SunCommandos. Countless demons of varying sorts, including half-a-dozen marilliths and a Balor.

Past Experience: Childhood as heir to powerful warlord, learning fighting and things. Six years formal combat and stealth training at Black Lotus Academy. Five years experience as professional assassin. 25 years experience in various branches of Hell's armies, killing demons and stuff. Four years experience lounging about, joining HATS (failed), joining SAINT (failed), joining MURDER (basically failed), trolling Magtok.
Other Information: