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    Default Re: GitP PrC Contest XXXIII: In A Waking Dream

    The Resider-in-Dreams


    I love you; I don't know you, but I love you. Forever, and ever, and ever... Every time you sleep, I'll be there. Waiting.

    You don't agree? Well, then, that can be remedied...

    Some people are unlucky in love; the people they love might already be taken, or disinterested; however, sometimes, a chance gesture might be taken as an endorsement of their love.

    Of course, such misconceptions are usually quickly erased, but to one that has sold their soul... Well, they tend to find that, though they may be rejected in reality, that creature will love them in their dreams...

    So they resolve to never wake up.


    Loneliness pierces your soul; you would do anything to fill it. If that describes your frame of mind, then speaking with a devil might be you first step down this road...

    Class Features: Must have the Knight's Challenge class feature,
    2 Special Maneuvers, Eldritch Blast 1d6
    Skills: Lucid Dreaming 2
    Feats: Dreamtelling
    Special: May not be in a fulfilling and loving relationship; one's Familiar Fancy does not count; must have the need to sleep.

    Class Skills

    The Resider-in-Dream's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (nobility and royalty) (Int), Knowledge (the Planes) (Int), Lucid Dreaming (Wis), Ride (Dex), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d10

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
    Familiar Fancy, Oneiric Self (Sleepless), Knight of Madcap Dreams, Disturbed Essence
    Form of the Incubus (Beloved), Perverse Chivalry
    Disturbed Essence, Whisper in Dreams (Dream)
    Oneiric Self (Dreamless), Dream Knowledge
    Form of the Incubus (Obsession), Disturbed Essence
    Audience of Grinning Fancies, Perverse Chivalry
    Disturbed Essence, Oneiric Self (Night Terror), Whisper in Dreams (Dream Casting)
    Form of the Incubus (Consumption)
    Disturbed Essence, Perverse Chivalry, Decree of Dreams
    Oneiric Somnolence, Be Mine Eternal

    Weapon Proficiencies: You gain no new weapon or armor proficiencies. However, you may use your Invocations in Medium and Heavy Armor without incurring a spell failure chance.

    Familiar Fancy (Su): You decided it for them. It's all for the best; they don't know what's good for them, do they, those silly, silly people who you've decided to love...

    At 1st level, you gain a Familiar Fancy, a creature of your own race of whatever gender and age you find most attractive that has the minimum number of HD for your race, and who does not have any levels in a PC class. You may designate any creature that qualifies as your Familiar Fancy as your Familiar Fancy, whether they like it or not; in fact, they have no say in the matter, and you merely need to know that they exist for this designation to take effect.

    That being gains all the benefits and penalties of being a Familiar, with the exception of the change to their Intelligence score and the Speak with Other Creatures of its Kind ability, which is replaced by Held in Dreams, as explained below, using your Warlock caster level to determine the benefits; you may treat your Familiar Fancy as if they were adjacent to you for the purpose of any beneficial class feature or Invocation as long as they are within 10' per class level of you and you have line of sight.

    In addition, you are automatically aware of any action that your Familiar Fancy takes that you would construe as being unfaithful. Depending on your alignment, this could be anything from kissing their spouse to talking with someone of the opposite gender that isn't you.

    Of course, this is no fun and games for the Familiar Fancy themselves; though they may not even know who you are, they are constantly filled with the sensation of being watched, and every night, as they fall asleep, they feel your presence right beside them as they sleep. Needless to say, there is a lot of emotional duress.

    This feature also alters your behavior in a not-so-subtle way; you place this bond, which persists through death and resurrection, only being broken by a Wish, a Miracle, or a Reincarnation into a different form, above all other wants and needs in your life. This means that you cannot be made to act favorably towards anyone who tries to harm either you, your Fancy, or the bond itself; you must do everything reasonably within your power to dispose of anyone or anything who tries to get in the way of your perfect love. This includes your Fancy, if they choose to be... faithless.

    Replacing a dead Familiar Fancy is identical to replacing a dead Familiar, except you select another eligible creature instead of summoning a new creature. If you ended up killing a faithless Familiar Fancy, you may instead replace them by simply waiting a single week and then selecting an eligible creature; this does not cause you to lose XP.

    This ability counts as having a Familiar for the purpose of qualifications, and your Fancy is treated as a familiar for all intents and purposes.

    Held in Dreams
    If the Resider-in-Dreams has a CL of higher than 7, every time their Familiar Fancy sleeps, they appear next to the Resider-in-Dreams for the duration of the time they would spend sleeping, and must obey all commands given to them.

    Treat this as if they were an Unseen Servant, except that the Resider-in-Dreams can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch them as if they were actually there.

    The Familiar Fancy retains perfect memories of every single nightly foray at this point; most end up killing themselves through insomnia, as they try to prevent themselves from going back into that nightmare.

    Oneiric Self (Su): You are always sleeping, always holding your beloved close; oh, if you could only do so in reality! Maybe if you bring your love with you...

    As soon as you take the 1st level of this prestige class, you are permanently treated as if you are asleep. You cannot be awakened by any means short of death or deific intervention, and are left to tread your dreams alone within your heart.

    Of course, this is mostly internal; outwardly, you seem as spry and wary as ever, perhaps, even more so, as you seem to never need any sleep at all... You are immune to any effect that requires you to be able to sleep, and if you spend at least 8 hours without using any of your Knight Abilities, Special Maneuvers, or Invocations, you are treated as if you had had a full day of bed rest.

    At 4th level, your ever-sleeping nature expands itself outwards, making it almost impossible for you to wake another being. As long as a creature is within 100' of you, that creature must make a Will Save with a DC of 10+Class Level+your Charisma modifier to wake up for any reason, and time spent within this radius is not counted as restful sleep for the purpose of determining how many hours of sleep that the creature slept that night; in addition, any creature within that range receives a penalty on any save they make to prevent themselves from falling asleep equal to one-half your class level.

    At 7th level, your dreams even begin to touch other minds, bringing with them horrible things as your desperation and loneliness fill up every creature that comes close enough. Any creature that fails a save to wake up due to this ability does not gain any benefits from any sleep they have; wizards don't recover spell slots and creatures do not heal. In addition, upon waking up, they are filled with an urge to find affection in any way that they see fit from whoever they see fit, which fades away within minutes.

    Knight of Madcap Dreams: You are a Don Quixote, pursuing chivalry to its greatest extent; of course, some things just end up being... crazy.

    Firstly, your Knight, Warlock, and Resider-in-Dreams levels stack to determine which Knight Abilities and Special Maneuvers you can access, the most powerful Invocations you are capable of learning, and how powerful your Fair Fight class feature, Special Maneuvers, and Knight Abilities are; in addition, you lose your Eldritch Blast, and instead may treat your Fair Fight class feature as if it were an Eldritch Blast for the purpose of applying Eldritch Essences.

    Finally, your Resider-in-Dreams and Warlock levels stack to determine your Caster Level, and you may treat the number of dice in your Fair Fight class feature as if they were Eldritch Blast dice for the purpose of prerequisites.

    Disturbed Essence (Ex): You are intrinsically disturbed; a madman wandering his private dream-world, which dances and sways at his bidding.

    At 1st level, and every 2 levels thereafter, you may learn an additional Special Maneuver, Knight ability, or Invocation that you qualify for.

    Form of the Incubus (Su): You are a parasite; you feast on others through your rather vampiric love. Of course, this spills out, spreading through-out the world around you like a shattered flask of oil, tainting all it touches...

    At 2nd level, any non-Hostile creature, except for your Familiar Fancy, that lays eyes on you for the first time, whether by being physically present or even by simply looking at a picture of you or scrying you, must make a Will Save against a DC of 10+your Class Level+your Charisma Modifier, or have their attitude towards you improved by one step; if a creature was already helpful, they are instead charmed throughout their first meeting with you.

    In addition, any creature that fails this save begins to include a single random creature that they know of (as described in Familiar Fancy) in all of their dreams; they start off as a marginal character, but of course, this doesn't last long...

    At 5th level, any non-Hostile creature that failed the save vs. your 2nd level ability contracts the Dream Obsession disease, as described below. As they fail each sequential save, the other creature (see below) rises in prominence in their dreams, and they begin to include references to that creature in every conversation they have; they build small, secret shrines to them, and begin to ignore any former romantic pursuits that they followed to instead pursue that other creature.

    They will also have perfect recall of every single dream they have from this point onwards. They also must make a will save, against the same DC, each time they see you, or perceive you to be the object of their obsession for as long as they can see you.

    At 8th level, any creature that enters the terminal stage of your Dream Obsession disease additionally begins aging twice as fast, and requires twice the normal amount of food and drink, even though they continue to get thinner and thinner. For each creature in the terminal stage, you age at half the normal rate, and require half as much food and drink; this stacks, and is not subject to the normal rule that two doubling equal a tripling.

    Dream Obsession
    {table=head]Name|Infection DC|Incubation|Damage
    Dream Obsession|Non-Contagious DC 10+Class Level+Charisma modifier|1 Day|Special[/table]

    A creature infected with Dream Obsession must make a save each time they fall asleep; in addition, each time they fail a save against the disease, their attitude towards the creature that they began to dream about improves by one step (up to a maximum of Helpful), and they require one more hour of sleep each night to feel rested. Any creature whose attitude has been improved to helpful and requires 14 or more hours of sleep each night is considered to be in the terminal phase of the disease; a creature in the terminal phase will begin to consider sleeping and their obsession more and more important, eventually eclipsing such petty needs as food and drink, or even their own personal safety.

    Saving against the disease only delays the progression; only a casting of Remove Disease while the sufferer is awake and not in the terminal phase of the disease can cure this.

    Perverse Chivalry (Ex): At this point, you defend your actions with your love; does it truly matter that you slew that man in full view of his family, laughing as his blood splattered on his children? Your action was for your love, as she holds you, loves you for what you are; what could be more pure?

    At 2nd level, and every 3 levels thereafter, you may select a single one of the following; your Fair Fight damage automatically applies in any such Circumstances, even if you are flanked or the creature that you are attacking would not otherwise be eligible.


    • Adjacent to a single enemy
    • Adjacent to two or more enemies
    • Adjacent to no allies
    • Adjacent to two or more allies
    • Enemy is flanked
    • Enemy is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC.
    • Target is two or more size categories larger than you
    • Target is two or more size categories smaller than you
    • The enemy has injured you within the last round
    • The enemy has yet to injure you in this encounter
    • The enemy is unarmed and possesses no natural weaponry
    • You are unarmed and possess no natural weaponry
    • You did not attack during the previous round
    • The enemy did not attack during the previous round
    • You are making an attack of opportunity
    • You are making a readied attack
    • You have moved at least 10 feet before making the attack
    • You have not moved more than five feet since the start of the last round
    • You are prone
    • Enemy is prone
    • You have yet to hit an enemy with an attack in this encounter
    • You have yet to miss an enemy with an attack in this encounter
    • You are on higher ground than your enemy
    • Your are on lower ground than your enemy
    • You have downed a creature within the past round
    • You have yet to down a creature in this encounter
    • Enemy has attacked an ally in this encounter
    • Enemy has yet to attack an ally in this encounter
    • You are at over half of your total hit points
    • You are at under half of your total hit points
    • Enemy has insulted or physically or mentally harmed your love.
    • Enemy has harmed or neglected a loved one, that you know about.

    You may change which circumstances you have chosen as part of an 8 hour ritual in which you contemplate the perfection of the one you "love"; your Familar Fancy has the sensation of being watched over every inch of their body, including inside their mouths and nostrils, while you are performing this contemplation.

    In addition, each time you gain this ability, you may choose to treat any effect that would cause you to become fatigued or exhausted as if it were a fear effect for the purpose of your Lionhearted class feature, if you have it.

    Whisper in Dreams (Sp): You are always dreaming of your perfect love; of course, you feel other dreamers, and, well, it lets you become... closer to your love.

    At 3rd level, you gain the ability to use Dream as a spell-like ability once per day per person contacted; since you are always asleep, you may use yourself as a messenger without entering a trance. In fact, you cannot use another creature as a messenger, and cannot convey a message of more than 5 times your class level words.

    However, if you contact your Familiar Fancy with this ability, they do not need to be asleep (they hallucinate your presence and appearance, as if you had been watching them for some time, and had suddenly decided to step out of hiding), and you have no daily limit on the number of times you may contact your Familiar Fancy in this way.

    If you contact your Familiar Fancy, you and your Familiar Fancy are automatically aware of how many miles you are away from each other, and if within a mile, the shortest route to reach each-other.

    At 7th level, you may cause a creature to be affected as if by a Nightmare or Dream Casting spell cast at your caster level whenever you use your Dream spell-like ability on them; this replaces the normal effects of the ability.

    Dream Knowledge (Su): You know a lot about dreams. A lot. Much more than the dreamer, some times. You know, you think that man over there had a dream about your love; thus he will die.

    At 4th level, you gain the ability to make a Dream Knowledge check instead of a Knowledge (the Planes) check whenever you use your Dreamtelling feat; your bonus on this check is equal to your class level plus your Charisma modifier.

    In addition, you gain the ability to Speak Authoritatively about the contents of a single dream a creature had; it doesn't matter what dream you affect with this ability, or when it was, as long as it is a dream that the creature can recall with some degree of accuracy. If you do so, they gain perfect recollection of that dream, with the detail that you altered inserted within; you also gain full knowledge of that dream.

    You do not need to know the specific contents of a dream to select it; just speaking about "the nightmare they had last night", for example, is entirely sufficient.

    Audience of Grinning Fancies (Su): You walk while you sleep; why don't others? You care not for their petty excuses of exhaustion! They must rise and fight in the name of your love!

    At 6th level, any creature that fails a save against your Oneiric Self ability begins sleepwalking; treat this as if they had gained the Zombie template, except that they do not gain the DR 5/Slashing and their type does not change. You may control a number of HD worth of these "Zombies" equal to 4 times your class level plus your Charisma modifier. Any creature that is sleepwalking loses the template upon leaving the area of your Oneiric Self ability.

    Dream Decree (Ex): Sleep is where everyone can see your love; they must be brought into your dream, where they can see her as perfectly as you can! Praises of her must be sung up and down the land!

    At 9th level, any creature that sleepwalks due to your Audience of Grinning Fancies class feature retains the altered Zombie template until they wake up; in addition, they retain their own Base Attack Bonus and saving throw modifiers while sleepwalking, and are no longer penalized by the Single Action ability of the zombie template.

    In addition, they receive the benefits of your Fair Fight class feature in any circumstance you would receive it, and also receive the benefits of a single one of your Invocations with a duration of 24 hours, until they wake up.

    Finally, you receive Devil's Whispers as a bonus invocation, except that you do not say anything to the affected creature; instead, they fall asleep for a minimum of one hour (they are treated as if they were affected by your Oneiric Self class feature during this period, regardless of how close you are to them; this does not, however, allow them to retain the Zombie template from your Audience of Grinning Fancies class feature beyond the normal range) and have a dream that conveys whatever suggestion you wanted to use on them. This is a sleep effect.

    If you already know Devil's Whispers, you immediately replace it with another invocation that you qualify for.

    Oneiric Somnolence (Su): Sleeping is eternally your lot, but you don't mind; it allows you to become closer to your love... forever closer...

    At 10th level, you are no longer able to be hindered; you become as a dream yourself, eternal and ephemeral at the same time.

    You gain the Incorporeal and Void subtypes, and may use Tree Stride at will, as a free action, using sleeping creatures in the place of trees (you are not restricted by the creature's girth, and may travel between any creatures that share a type); treat all creatures that share a type with you as if they were Oak trees, and every other type of creature as if they were other kinds of Deciduous trees, for the purpose of determining the distance you can travel. Any attack you make that would benefit from your Fair Fight class feature is treated as if it were made with a Ghost-Touch weapon.

    Any creature that you use to travel in this way must make a save, or be infected with your Dream Obsession disease.

    Additionally, your Devil's Whispers invocation ignores immunity to sleep effects that isn't derived from type.

    Finally, your Dream Obsession disease no longer has an incubation time, and any creature that contracts it is considered to be in the terminal phase unless they managed to succeed on their save the night before.

    Be Mine Eternal (Su): Your love is so perfect, it has started to leak into your love; how... perfect!

    At 10th level, your Familiar Fancy automatically contracts your Dream Obsession disease, with you as the object of their obsession. In addition, they must make a save every hour, even when not asleep, and may consciously choose whether or not to wake up at any point as a full-round action.

    They also receive all the benefits of your Form of the Incubus class feature; however, creatures looking at them do not have to make a save against contracting Dream Onsession. In addition, once they require 24 hours of sleep each night, they are automatically affected by your Oneiric Self aura, regardless of their distance from you. Once they are inflicted with this disease, they immediately attempt to travel to your location, where they serve you for the rest of their lifespan; you still perceive them as you would normally through the Held in Dreams special ability.

    Their body still benefits from all the normal benefits of Familiar Fancy, except that their intelligence is adjusted as if they were a normal Familiar, and they are not required to do anything that you tell them to, though due to the Dream Obsession, they probably will anyway.

    Finally, any Invocation that you use on them or their corpse has a permanent duration, if you so chose; if you raised them from the dead using The Dead Walk, they instead receive the modified template as from your Audience of Grinning Fancies and Dream Decree class features; this counts as if you restored them to life, and automatically has a duration of Permanent.


    You are a creepy stalker that eventually becomes essentially Freddy Krueger. Full stop.

    Combat: Your contribution to combat depends on your invocations, special maneuvers, and Knight Abilities; you also will have some sleeping "zombies" following you around, which could be useful. However, until you hit Dream Decree, your contribution will boil down to hitting things, coupled with the nasty side effects known as Eldritch essences.

    Advancement: You will end up following your own path; no two Residers-in-Dreams follow the same path after they leave.

    Resources: While you may not have any definite allies, anyone who sees you becomes a bit friendlier, which can come in real handy as a fall-back option. And then there are all those people that think you are their loved ones...


    That creepy knight that walked through here? No, I don't know anything about him; he isn't important, like my Veronica. Have I told you about her yet? She's the light of my life...

    Residers survive, infecting others with obsession and feeding off of their hunger, slowly starving them to feed themselves.

    Daily Life: You will usually spend your time trying to be close to your Familiar Fancy, whether by holding a photograph to your heart or by sneaking into their home and watching them sleep.

    Notables: There are no notable Residers-in-Dreams. There have never been any; there never should be any. As they gallivant off in search of their love's "favor", they find less and less time to do such petty things as keep a public presence.

    Organizations: No formal organizations exist, as Residers-in-Dreams are a thankfully isolated occurance.

    NPC Reaction

    NPCs will usually perceive you as some creepy night that came through their town, and might mutter a bit about appearances... at least until they go mad from the disease that you carry, and spread with each glance...


    Though not mechanically that much stronger than its constituent parts, this class does get incredibly powerful on any occasion where the party is ambushing some creatures at night, in that you will then prevent the nearest sleeping creatures from waking up to help their comrades. You also aren't allowed anywhere near the party while they sleep thanks to your Oneiric Self class feature after 4th level; the wizard will especially argue quite vehemently about this.

    Adaptation: If the campaign has a dream world, this class could be connected to it; it could also be that this class infects you with Dream Obsession in the first place, causing your rather demented worldview...

    Encounters: They could end up fighting one at any point if it perceives that they have insulted their love; this could be anything as innocuous as accidentally inferring that some woman is more beautiful than their love.

    Sample Encounter

    EL 8: Sir Eldric hasn't been acting like himself lately; he has taken to obsessively guarding Lady Erica at all times, and she reports having unsettling dreams related to him, and the feeling that he is watching her in... improper ways. And there was that time last week that Lord Franklin went to speak with him about it, and Sir Eldric challenged him to a duel...

    Init +0, Senses: Listen +, Spot +,
    AC , touch , flat-footed ()
    hp ( HD)
    Fort +, Ref +, Will +
    Speed ft. ( squares)
    Base Atk +, Grp +
    Atk Options
    Combat Gear
    Spells Prepared
    Supernatural Abilities t
    Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
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