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    For the last couple of days, I've been looking for a picture for a character of mine, a Wizard. But typing young wizard into google just ends up with stills and fanart of Harry Potter.

    I see the character as smartly dressed, not in robes, a general purplish theme (He's from Cormyr), with short blonde hair. Also, according to the stats I ended up with, not the typical rake-thin weedy Wizard.

    Something like this, but younger and less angry:

    In preemptive payment for this request, let me post some other stuff I've got on my computer.

    EDIT: I think I need to find another image host. All the ones I just put up seem to be turning invisible.
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    It doesn't so much as demean the celestial monkey's existence, so much as fulfill it. Without the ability to be summoned to set off traps, retrieve objects from dangerous situations, and all and all be a party's guinea pig, the Celestial Monkey would languish in obscurity in the MM and do nothing more legendary than eat celestial bananas.