Front Door >> Main Room

A portal opens near the front door and a swan with devil horns flies out. She transforms into her humanoid shape, revealing Decker as a young adult.

She walks in like she owns the place and picks up a form to fill out.

Name: Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle (Decker)
Age: 20
Sex: female
Species: devil swan-may
Profession: Marchesa of War
Reason for joining AMEN: I haven't done it yet in my timeline, but I think it was because of DC or Kal or Fullbladder. But for now I just want a break from my education. Gah!
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: Portal making, warmongering
References (Victims preferred): General Baalthezar of the Sixth Circle, Kal'selthezaar, Lady Morgana, all the ducks that used to live at Lake Simory
Past Experience: I'm told that sometime in my future I lead the armies of Hell against the demons of the Abyss with great success, but I haven't actually done that yet.
Other Information: I have to go back to Hell in a few months or daddy will come looking for me

Once she's done, she'll go knock on Ilpholin's door. Either during Kal's interview or in a separate timeline, whichever is preferred.