Tearu ducks under a attack by one of the goons only to have the fist of the goon he punched fly toward his gut. He tries to spin out of the way but still takes a glancing blow. using his momentum from during the spin he sees that the walking rock his pokemon had been trying to take out was weak but still standing. "Sore o oeru Vesper" he yells before he launches an attack at the goon who's attack he just dodged.

Translation: finish it off vesper
by my calculation Tearu takes 1 damage from the punch (I can take a hit and Padding reduce the damage.) correct me if I'm wrong
Ac for attack: (1d20)[4] 5 to hit again someone remind me to take improved fist weapons after this.
Damage: (1d8+7)[15]
Crit damage (1d8+4)[6]