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Those are all selling points. Things we want but cant get with other systems.

Rather than help me make nWoD&D I should say I want to run a midievsl WoD game which subverts D&D standards; can you help me stay out an Orc?
You need help statting out stuff for the WoD?

Okay, if it's a NPC and okay at his job, he rolls 4 dice. If he's a professional and good at his job he rolls 6 dice. If he's a badass elite ninja commando he rolls 8 dice. If he's the kung fu grandmaster on the top of a mountain, he rolls 10 dice. Plus equipment modifiers and situational bonus; an axe would be +2 or +3 dice. Cruddy orc armour would give you 1 armour point.

So easy.

If it's a PC, you put dots into strength and not intelligence. Buy some dots in weaponry. I'm pretty sure there are medieval WoD supplements out there, but everything you need is quite literally in the core rulebook.