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This seems to be the place to ask about such things: My custom avatar shows up just fine for me, from multiple computers, but someone just told me in a PM that it doesn't show up for them. It should be a stick figure holding an hourglass. First of all, do most people see it, and second, if not, does anyone know why not? I'm hosting it myself on my desktop, a Mac running an Apache server.
You seem to have your avatar set up correctly on this end. Your avatar is set to http://cassandra.physics.montana.edu/chronos.gif , which is the proper format. That address is a real internet address (it maps to and that address does respond to pings). However, my PC can't connect to the webserver on your machine. It looks like something is blocking people outsude Montana State from connecting to it. Probably trying to stop people hosting music or other copyrighted content without permission.

You could try hosting the webserver on a different port (see http://homepage.mac.com/car1son/change_apache_port.html ) and then modify the URL to point to that port, but it still might not work.