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That seems like it could be a little OP (maybe Tier 2...?)
As far as my understanding of the tier analysis goes, there's nothing in the Soulknife's features that I notice that can bring the Psychic Warrior from tier 3 to tier 2. They don't even synergize all that well. The most that'll happen is some wealth saving thanks to mind blade enhancement & Psychic Strike, the never-unarmed bit and all good saves.
Nothing special to write home about, but it does make a character feel more round and complete, and without the need to multiclass or PrC - which would be a nice change.

@Yitzi: I suggested the Psychic Warrior mesh because it seems to me like the more versatile and interesting class of the trio. For me, the core Monk is beyong redemption without some serious overhaul. Except for Knife to the Soul, I don't see any of the Soulknife's abilities bringing new options to the gaming table as far as the Monk goes. A bit more offensive kick, but nothing to make it more fun (unless higher numbers are all that one's after). Correct me if I'm missing anything.