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@Yitzi: I suggested the Psychic Warrior mesh because it seems to me like the more versatile and interesting class of the trio. For me, the core Monk is beyong redemption without some serious overhaul.
I don't really see it that way. It definitely needs boosting, but the monk has some interesting options.

Except for Knife to the Soul, I don't see any of the Soulknife's abilities bringing new options to the gaming table as far as the Monk goes. A bit more offensive kick, but nothing to make it more fun (unless higher numbers are all that one's after). Correct me if I'm missing anything.
Once you add in offensive kick (more than just a bit more, by the way, as soulknife enhancement bonuses are quite significant) and a few extra options such as Bladewind and throwing mindblades, I'm not sure what's missing (well, assuming we're not judging by full-caster standards.)

The ranged option in particular is interesting, as it means that a solo soulknife would be extremely good at kiting.