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    Default Re: A:TLAITP: Avatar: The Last Airbender Planning Thread 1

    Whoa, you guys sure took off without me! Anyway, here's my character, as promised. She should fit in most eras.


    Name: Yoshida Sosumi.

    Nation: Fire Nation.

    Description: Sosumi is a girl in her late teens of above-average height, with the Fire Nation's typical skintone, black hair often worn tied back, and dark golden eyes that appear brown. She wears fine red robes with gold trim.

    Personality: Sosumi is practical, straightforward and dedicated. She has a strong belief in honour and duty, so while she can be stubborn at times, she's highly trustworthy. Despite her straightforward nature, she's not stupid, and will prove it to any who underestimate her.

    Abilities: Not being a firebender, Sosumi has trained hard in other areas to compensate. She's an excellent archer, rivalling the skill of the Yu Yan archers, and is also skilled with acrobatics, stealth and tracking.

    Backstory: The Yoshida clan was a powerful noble family, renowned for their mighty firebenders. For several generations, every Yoshida had been a firebender of great skill, and the head of the household, Yoshida Maru, was no exception. Yoshida Maru prided himself on his bloodline's purity, and his exceptional power even by his family's standards.

    Then his daughter Sosumi was born, and this changed everything.

    Sosumi never had any talent for firebending, and was seen as a disgrace to the Yoshida bloodline. Even her father was ashamed of her. However, she didn't let this get to her, and instead waited for her chance to prove her worth.

    Then one day, Yoshida Maru fell ill and died unexpectedly. Some of his relatives, including Sosumi, suspected that he had been murdered. Sosumi decided that her chance to prove herself had come, and set out to find the killer and bring them to justice.

    Relationships: Aside from her family, who care little for her, Sosumi has no relations of note.
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