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    Alright guys, this is shaping up nicely! Here's what we have so far!

    Team Onyx Wind:
    {table]Onyx 1|V21|Valen|Communications|Team Leader|Player: NPC
    Onyx 2|OW-013|Sammael|Stealth Ops|Long-Range Engagements (Sniper)|Player: Sam Fisher
    Onyx 3|O23|Argyle|Tactical Maneuvers|Technical Ops|Player: Erik Vale
    Onyx 4|X65|John|Piloting Ops|Demolitions & Deconstruction|Player: Q'telun
    Onyx 5|R36|Volsung|Medic|Linguistics|Player: DoctorFaust
    Onyx 6|X218|Tristan|Close Quarters Engagements (CQC)|Heavy Weapons|Player: Vixsor Lumin
    Onyx 7|H04|Hinderance|Hazardous Operations|n/a|Player: Xacerbate
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