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a kinda concern of mine is that before it gets into melee, other than being able to shrug off spell effects once or twice, she doesnt seem to have a whole lot of defenses against spells, especially from long distance, and her reflex save isnt much. a spellcaster firing disintegrates or the like, or summoning monsters, seems like they would have the advantage (to me at least).
Not that thats a PROBLEM per se, magic is still magic, but i kinda think that a character who is soley focused on assasinating magicians should be on equal terms even when NOT able to attack stealthily.
Of course spellcasters have the advantage. Trouble is, there's very few ways to strip that advantage from them. That being said, being incapable of casting defensively (at range!) is a big hit against a lot of tactics, especially if there's a limited space involved. Disintegrate targets the Eliminator's Fort save, but more importantly can be blown off by Shed Spells and Armor of Absence. In fact, Armor of Absence is the big answer to a lot of spells that get flung the Eliminator's way, since it permits her to essentially ignore any Duration: Instant spell that she damn well pleases.