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    The Peoples Republic of America

    The crowds cheered as William Jefferson stepped up to podium. With a smile he turned to Chief Justice Donagan, and echoed the words of the Constitutional Oath;

    "I, William Jefferson do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the Peoples Republic, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the People's Republic."

    William turned back to the audience, as the brass band below him burst into life, blasting out the PRA National anthem; celebrating their nations finest virtues; Equality, Liberty, Righteousness.

    When the band had finished, and the symbolic sounds of gunfire died away, William addressed the crowd;

    "Free Peoples of America, Thank you! I will not lie, and say I was elected in the spirit of democracy, but I truly have you all to thank for getting here. It was your vision that made this nation what it is today, your desire to create a better country, a better world, free from tyranny and corruption, governed by the honest and the true.

    "I am here today, because you had the courage to pursue that vision, the strength and confidence to cast out the taint in our society, and form a new, free land. I am awed by this, and honored to have the opportunity to lead our people in this era. You have put great faith in me, and I swear I will not let you down."

    "Our nation is beset by troubles; we are surrounded by those who consider us their enemy, crime rates are rising, problems are still arising, with our transition from the old government. These issues however, are not cause for fear. We are America, the Free, the Strong, The Brave. Together we can overcome any challenge, defeat any army, best any enemy. Together we reunite our people, rebuild our nation, and restore our legacy. America, protectors of liberty for all mankind."

    "Thank you"

    International Communiques

    To the People's Republic of the Carribean [11]
    "There is an important matter I believe we should discuss. I request permission to send an emissary to meet with you in private.

    To the Morrocan Empirates [11]
    "I understand your nation prefers to mind it's own business, there is however a rather simple proposal I would like to make to you, if you have the time to meet an emissary of mine in person."

    To Hawaii [8]
    "I would like permission to send an emissary of my people to meet with yours, and discuss a mutually beneficent proposal"

    To the Roman Empire [11]
    "On behalf of the People's Republic of America, I offer my most humble respect to the people of your fine nation, and the senate that governs them. I request permission to send an emissary of my people to meet with yours, and discuss an important matter.

    To the Kheranic Republic of Saloa [9]
    "Supreme Leader Samubai Imikheras of Salo, I offer you my most humble respect and admiration, for the successes of your government in recent years."

    "There is an important matter that my government wishes to discuss with yours. With your permission, I would love to travel to Saloa, and discuss the matter with you personally."

    President William Jefferson of the People's Republic of America
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