9 attacks seems like a lot, till you realise a Wizard can kill everyone in a 200 mile radius with Locate City and various shenanigans. Well, fail a reflex save and you die, but most people don't stack reflex as high as they should. I think technically he also destroys buildings and trees as well, doing the equivalent of epic spells without all the bother of actually being epic. And a Druid can live in a permanent Timestop bubble. Sorcerers are Sorcerers. This doesn't even bring the Monk up to on par. :P

A core Fighter might complain, but that's because they're a core Fighter who forgets they should be glad they're not a core monk. A Rogue is going to match it, any class from Bo9S is going to surpass it. If you're putting 20 levels into getting up a decent flurry then you may as well have your little trick. It's like the Wizard Locate City trick, it's going to take most or all of his feats to do so, and there's still a reflex save. So say well done for spending your whole 20 levels working towards being able to do one thing well, now here's an enemy that you can't touch. Have fun

Or throw in a Huge monster, teleporting around it's head kicking it would be pretty cool. Especially if an AMF popped up. Also, entirely unrelated to game balance but focusing on the wushu section, there's rumours of high level karate sensai's being able to repeatedly kick and keep themselves off the ground. I say rumours because I've never seen them in person, and I don't do karate anyway. It definitely fits the flavour of this particular Monk though.