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Magtok shrugs.

"I don't really have a stake in this battle. If Ilpholin somehow wins, she wins, and I'll be there to make sure she does a good job of things, keep the . If she loses, she loses, and I'll be there to make sure we get a good follow-up operation moving. Presumably she'll want to prove herself to the Council somehow or something, I dunno. Or maybe we'll go get ice cream and make snide remarks about the other representatives as we bemoan our losses."

The cyborg nonchalant expression twists into a silly grin.

"Also, I totally did thinly veiled insults. Remember the bit about reminding people of the beacon thingy? Definitely insulting."
Viima continues staring at Magtok's neck. Hungrily. Undoubtedly wishing she could sink her teeth in the cyborg's flesh.
That was a bit of a weak insult, though. I've seen much worse when reading reports from the Dragonbone Parliament. Anyway, while I can't possibly think how that plan of yours could work, this is a pretty amusing scheme. So thanks for that, at least.