Professor Pellivander tilts the letter to allow the others to read it at their own pace, handing it off once he has read it in its entirety.

A grim look sets upon somewhat pallid feature, the white-coated man shaking his head. "This does not make sense. Some mysterious force rips us from our homes, landing us in this hellish landscape. And not half a day after our arrival, we are handed a task."

He pushes himself to his feet, hand shaking as he bears his weight upon his cane. "No, August. Though I may slow you, I fear that there is more at work here than merely a well-timed quest delivered to brave adventurers from the annals of history. I will accompany you until I can unravel these events."

He makes his way towards the door of the tavern, looking outside. "Perhaps you will allow an old man to ride your steed, August? Though I have little experience with the animals, it will allow you to make time without my disabilities holding you back."