The bonuses indeed do stack. Just remember that your Size can negatively affect you as well.

With a loud CRASH, the metal double-doors literally EXPLODE inwards, off its hinges. As the warped doors land with a metallic 'clang', you see what can only be described as 'male-model'-attractive young man with stylish shades and pale skin. In stark contrast next to him is a hunch-shouldered, grey-skinned monstrosity covered in short, wiry hairs. This figure has the features of a mix of hyena, baboons, and man. It has big, strong muscles, ridiculously long arms, and sharp claws on its fingers.

Shackled to the floor by her ankles and waist via heavy manacles is a crying little girl, who is looking away from a corpse of a human next to her.

The man and the monster look at the inbound liger, temporarily surprised.