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    Default Re: From Across the Multiverse to Barovia: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (IC)

    Triss reads over Isaac's shoulder. As the others are quick to express thier willingness to help, she says, "It seems we were brought for a purpose after all."

    She glances at August and Arya. "Two Purple Knights. Two..." she shakes her head slightly, "what are the chances?" she says under her breath as she follows the others out the door.

    "Two knights, a barbarian from the North, a sage and a Cleric to a stange god and me. Whoever brought us has a strange sense of companions."

    As the others gather, she looks to August who it seems has become the leader of the lost souls, "If you wish, I can take point and scout ahead. Thanks to the berries magic, I dont think we'll need to hunt."
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