Arya Skye, Catfolk Knight

The journey had been uneventful, each of her companions seemingly caught up in their own thoughts. If each had truly been torn from their own homes then surely they had a deal to ponder.
The professor had proved himself an erudite mind, and to Arya's ear he sounded like one of the ancient Circle members, who had presided over the 'Folk. A wise man thought, even if he is a hairless-mole-man. And August, well that one seemed kind, allowing the professor to ride the grumpy mule, showed at least some kindness and humility.
Perhaps these companions would not be truly wayward and incompetent, as the men of her world had shown themselves to be.
This city however, this didn't raise her hopes, for these men were as downtrodden as it was possible to be, with no pride or strength, yet she would guard them for her blade was sworn to be the strength of the weak, the shield of the defenceless.