Arya Skye, Catfolk Knight

Arya considered Arthros's offer though at first she had been tempted to reject it out of hand. Still she decided against it, viewing the idea with disgust.
"Though it would be a selfless act on your half, I would not let another suffer in my place. Never fear, I will shield you from these creatures, not the other way around."

Still, she couldn't quite get the notion out of her head, though it was abhorrent, and stank of some dark magic, she also saw the benefits of it. She would be able to fight for longer, and the man seemed to be willing to do it, and had proved himself a capable healer.
Perhaps things were not quite what they had seemed, this stank of a testAnd I will not be found wanting she promised herself. Yet she found her conviction wavering, What if my ideals aren't the right thing here?

A dark path to tread
she realised, I must trust to the strength of Honour and Justice.