Magtok shakes his head.

"It's not my plan, and there's no scheming in place. Ilpholin's a little misguided, and maybe a tad power-hungry but she means well. She figured that since the Council thing isn't working, everyone would agree that anything else, up to and including her rule, would be a welcome alternative. Frankly, given the laissez-faire nature of how we've run Inside, I can't blame her for that sort of silly, idealistic notion."

He stops for a moment, and glares at the wolf from the corners of his eyes, praying to gods it'll take the hint and go away. Go away, you ugly mutt! Go die in a fire somewhere and leave this cyborg alone!

"She killed Gordon, Dippy. I don't know if that's sunk in yet, but she murdered the dragon, with my help. We're not his AMEN anymore, we're free to pursue much more sane and safe agendas now. With, of course, some wiggle room when it comes to the morality of our deeds, but that's nothing your own enterprises aren't already familiar with. You don't have to pretend the slate is perfectly clean now, but at least giver her a chance."