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    Default Re: From Across the Multiverse to Barovia: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (IC)

    You walk down the apparently deserted street, alert for danger. The houses seem devoid of life, some boarded up, others merely empty.

    Less than a hundred feet from the town's edge, you come to a crossroad. Through the mist you see an overturned cart in the middle of a crossroad.

    Approaching closer, you notice humanoid figures behind the cart and others to either side. They move with a shambling walk, clearly not alive.


    There are two zombies and two walking corpses. Knowledge (religion) could reveal more.

    Fog gives concealment (20% miss chance) to targets >15 feet away.

    Initiative order is:
    1. T'riss
    2. Isaac
    3. Arya
    4. Arthros
    5. August
    6. Baddies
    7. Aswin

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