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    Default Re: From Across the Multiverse to Barovia: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (IC)

    Arya Skye, Catfolk Knight

    Posting now, but assume it happens after Triss and Isaac do whatever.

    Arya sees the monstrous corpses reanimated by some foul sorcery, but she does not baulk.
    "Fear not," she states calmly to the others. "I have fought all manner of abominations and I have defeated them. These shall not overcome us."

    Suddenly she feels the world shift around, slowing yet allowing her to retain her natural speed, she briefly glanced to the professor who seemed to have done this, and nods quickly before moving.

    She moves ahead [to G13] stepping in front of Aswin, simultaneously drawing her greatsword Nehima. Some kind of magical fire wreathes the blade, whilst a crystal embedded in the pommel glints, ready to grant final death to these restless souls.

    She then readies a standard action to perform Sapphire Nightmare Blade should a creature come within reach.
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