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Thank you very much for the input, Vilpich! Glad you like it
Sure Anytime, just ask.

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On the spell table, do you mean the right side of the main table? It should look like this:


That's the problem with making the table like that. When it works, it looks pretty, when it doesn't, it looks really messed up I'm looking at this from a resolution of 1366x768, maybe it has something to do with that?
yeah, for some reason the one you have there looks terrible... I was referring to the spell table though.

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I'm a little afraid to give him two domains and make him too strong... But giving him a bonus spell slot for his sole domain might be a good idea! He gets one extra spell slot for level just for his domain and can still prepare his domain spell in the other slots if he wants. How does that sound?
He won't be too strong, but I like the idea of 1 domain but he can prepare it in other slots.

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Anyways, if you do use it for a villain, let me know how it turns out!
Will do.

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Hey, I guess giving him 4 skill points won't hurt at all, great idea! I'm a little wary of bumping his HD, though, he can still be very effective at battle with all his spells and other nice things, and he's not too MAD, so you can pump Con with little trouble.
the HD really won't make a huge deal, but honestly it's fine as is.

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Gaaah, I really must move my butt and get to working at an expanded minion table. I totally intended it to be able to apply templates and select other things as minions. For example, at first level you could apply both the fiendish and celestial template for free on any of the sample minions, since it doesn't increase CR. You could even have skeletal minions, since they have very low CR too! If your character is some kind of vermin lover, you could get a Giant Fire Beetle, a Small Monstrous Centipede, a Small Monstrous Scorpion or a Small Monstrous Spider. And that's only at first level! At 2nd level, you could have Small elementals, at 3rd, both a Lemure and a Dretch. At 5th level, for example, you could get a Heavy Warhorse, just like a Paladin -- it would just advance later as per the table "Minion's Special Abilities". I modeled it somewhat after both the familiar, the animal companion and the paladin's mount. The difference would mainly rest in the variety, not in the mechanics... Anyways, I will try to put an "advanced minions" table together to explain the concept
Sounds good. Also, this is just a thought but at higher levels an apprentice with class levels as a minion could be cool (as long as it isn't a shrine warrior, or you get an infinite loop of minions )