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    Default Re: Shrine Warrior, The Other Divine Agent (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vilpich View Post
    yeah, for some reason the one you have there looks terrible... I was referring to the spell table though.
    Oh, the spell list? Heck, I'll have to think of a better way to present the information, then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vilpich View Post
    Sounds good. Also, this is just a thought but at higher levels an apprentice with class levels as a minion could be cool (as long as it isn't a shrine warrior, or you get an infinite loop of minions )
    Hey, that's a great idea! Hmmmm, I'm thinking of something based on Leadership, as soon as I have it done, I'll let you know. Shouldn't take long!

    Quote Originally Posted by nonsi View Post
    Truly a remarkable work.
    One of the best and most complete homebrew classes I've encountered.
    Just implement eftexar's and Vilpich's suggestions and it's good to go.
    Thank you! I'm really glad you guys like it, I put a lot of effort in this

    Before I go, something I noticed: If I give this guy domain slots, he would be able to prepare as many spells per level as a Wizard (only up to 4th level, 5th would be one less, but still), just one less than a Druid and one more than a Paladin. I'm a little wary of making him too much stronger than the latter: he is supposed to be T3, but I don't want him to outclass the Paladin in every single aspect. Do you think this is an issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cerin616 View Post
    I just like to think that Smaug's "cry of pain" was "OH GOD, MY PRETTY! YOU HIT MY RIGHT IN THE PRETTY."
    Metal Perfection - a template for creatures born on Mirrodin.
    True Ferocity - a simple fix for Orcs and Half-Orcs.
    Monastic Magus - a spiritual successor to the Unarmed Swordsage.
    Pathfinder-ish Synthesist - a simple fix making Synthesist Summoners follow polymorph rules.
    Sword & Sorcery for Sneaky Scoundrels - rogue archetypes/fixes that aim to turn the rogue into a warrior/caster.