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Oh, the spell list? Heck, I'll have to think of a better way to present the information, then.
No, I meant the spells/day table on the same table as your clss features as chassis (the class table, I guess. I'm not sure if there's a better word).

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Before I go, something I noticed: If I give this guy domain slots, he would be able to prepare as many spells per level as a Wizard (only up to 4th level, 5th would be one less, but still), just one less than a Druid and one more than a Paladin. I'm a little wary of making him too much stronger than the latter: he is supposed to be T3, but I don't want him to outclass the Paladin in every single aspect. Do you think this is an issue?
It's really not an issue. Yeah, he'll probably completely outclass the paladin in every way, except in straight up, no-magic melee combat (the paladin still has his mount for charges if he's built that way, and his smites). His spell list is so limited that as many spells as a wizard shouldn't be a problem.

Also, just wanted so say that I love the ACFs