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    Default Re: Friends, why did you do that? (3.P Base Class) (WIP)

    Sentai Abilities (N-Z)
    Overriding Background Music [Self]
    Requirements: Improved Backgound Music, Sentai level 13, Musical Senshi feat, Perform (any sound based) 16 ranks
    Benefit: The sentai's very soul is aligned with the rhythm of the universe. He may use Background Music and Improved Background Music while not in henshin, though the Empowering Song function of Background music does not function, and abilities that last for the duration of his Henshin lasts for a number of rounds equal to his sentai level instead. Furthermore, whenever he activates bardic music, Background Music, or Improved Background Music while in Henshin, he may attempt to wrest control of any other sound-based effect from its originator. He and the originator make opposed Perform checks. If he wins, he wrests control of the effect from the originator, allowing him to redefine "allies" or "enemies" for it if it specifies one.

    Primal Warrior [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 7 OR Sentai level 5, Combat Theme (Beast or Draconic)
    Benefit: Some sentai are more in touch with their inner savage than others. While in henshin, the sentai gains a pair of secondary Claw attacks that deal 1d4 damage (assuming a Medium sentai. Adjust as appropriate for size), and are treated as magic and the sentai's alignment for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. He also gains the Multiattack feat while in henshin, regardless of if he meets the prerequisites. His unarmed strike is considered his primary natural attack for the purposes of these claws.

    Rebuttal of Justice [Suit]
    Prerequisites: Heroic Guardian, Sentai level 9
    Benefit: The Guardian assumes a stance ready to defend his allies not with his body but with his blade, daring any foe fooling enough to try and slip past his guard and strike at his ward. As a move action, the mysterious guardian may set himself into a defensive posture for one round. While using this, any attacks directed against an ally in an adjacent square provoke an attack of opportunity from the Sentai. As part of an attack of opportunity provoked by this ability, the sentai may take a five-foot step, provided he has not moved nor taken one previously in the round.

    Righteous Resolve [Self]
    Requirements: Sentai level 9
    Benefit: A common trait of sentai is the desire to protect others, be it indiscriminatingly or those close to them. When an ally is threatened, it unlocks something deep inside them, allowing them to fight even harder. When an ally or creature friendly towards the sentai within 30 feet of him is rendered helpless, unconscious, or under 0 HP, he may use an immediate action to receive one of the following benefits for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier.
    Hurried Heroics- On the round round that he activates this effect and every other until the duration expires, the sentai may take a single additional move or swift action.
    Roaring Blitzkrieg- Attacks made by the sentai this time do 1.5x their normal damage
    Unerring Guardian- The sentai gains DR (Cha Mod)/- for the duration of this effect. This stacks with any other DR.
    Unrelenting Spirit- The sentai gains Spell Resistance (10 + Sentai level) against harmful spell and effects for the duration.

    Savage Mastery [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 15, Beastly Wrath
    Benefit: As their power grows, a sentai comes to accept the other mindset, gaining some of its benefits when not actively using it. While in Henshin, he gains a +2 bonus to his Strength and Dexterity scores, which stacks with that provided by Beastly Wrath, and he may make use of the Concentration and Martial Lore skills while using Beastly Wrath, in addition to the exceptions. Furthermore, he gains a pair of Slam secondary natural attacks, dealing 1d4 points of damage (assuming a Medium sentai. Adjust as appropriate for size), which are treated as magic and his alignment for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. His unarmed strike is considered his primary natural attack for the purposes of these slam attacks.
    Special: If the Sentai is of the Magician archetype, he may make use of the Spellcraft skill while in Beastly Wrath.

    Saving Dive [Suit]
    Prerequisites: Sentai level 7, Heroic Guardian
    Benefit: The sentai's will to protect his allies goes beyond the norm. As an immediate action, by expending a use of Heroic Guardian, when an ally within his land speed of him is targeted by an effect that would trigger Heroic Guardian, he may move to that ally and redirect that effect to himself.

    Senshi of the Sky [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 3
    Benefit: The sentai's suit has been modified with a weak spell to aid in high-altitude regions, allowing him greater aerial safety. While in henshin, he benefits from a constant feather fall effect. If he leaves henshin while falling, this persists for a number of rounds equal to his Sentai level. Furthermore, he is considered acclimated to high-altitudes, even while not in henshin.

    Sentai Knight [Suit]
    Requirements: Can only be taken as at first Sentai level.
    Benefit: Most sentai focus on light-armor, flitting about the battlefield and delivering powerful blows. The Sentai Knight, though, does not. The hero suit granted by the Sentai's Henshin ability increases in its defensive capabilities, becoming medium armor with the same AC benefits as a breastplate. However, it gains a -2 armor check penalty, a Maximum dexterity bonus of +6, an Arcane Spell Failure chance of 10%, and reduces the sentai's maximum speed as normal for medium armor. Furthermore, as a free action, the sentai may call a shield with the same AC benefits as a light shield, but no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance, into being. The shield gains an enhancement bonus to AC at the same rate as the sentai's armor. Dismissing the shield is a swift action. If the Sentai opts to gain two weapons with Sentai's Weapon, or gains it at a later point, he may designate his shield as one of the weapons.

    Sentai's Steed [Suit]
    Requirements: Ride 5 ranks, Mounted Combat
    Benefit: The Sentai has obtained a speciaized, personal vehicle, summonable with a word.
    He gains a mount with the statistics of a Clockwork Steed (MMIV), a Horse or a Pony as appropriate for his size, with an appearance that can be reflavored as desired. As a standard action, he may call this mount. The mount takes three rounds to appear, and remains for a number of hours equal to his Sentai level. Despite this being a [Suit] ability, the Sentai may summon this mount at any time.

    Sentai's Reflexes [Self]
    Requirements: Sentai level 7, Combat Reflexes
    Benefit: A true warrior of justice fights at the speed of his will. The sentai may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity each round equal to his Charisma modifier. The total number of attacks of opportunity made with this and Combat Reflexes may not exceed half of his base attack bonus.

    Shifting Weapon [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 9, Enhanced Weapon
    Benefit: Some sentai realize that, to better combat injustice, they must adapt their weapons to be best suited for the foe in question. The sentai's weapon gains a number of alternate forms equal to his Wisdom modifier. He may reassign the shape and properties of the weapon for each form, allowing him to have, for example, a +2 flaming greatsword for one weapon, a +2 Smoking Spiked Chain for another, and a +2 Stunning Surge Club for a third. He cannot change a melee weapon into a ranged weapon, or a ranged weapon into a melee weapon with this ability, though converting a melee weapon to a thrown weapon is possible. Changing between forms takes five minutes, or a full round action at level 15 and higher. A sentai cannot change his unarmed strike to a different form with this ability.
    Special: If the sentai has multiple weapons gained from this class, only one weapon gains the alternate forms. The sentai may take this multiple times. Each time, it affects a different weapon.

    Strength of Spirit [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 5
    Benefit: A truly strong warrior relies not on his muscles, but on his spirit. While wearing his hero suit, the sentai may add his Charisma modifier as a Morale bonus to his Strength score.

    Suitless Weapons [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 11, Enhanced Weapon
    Benefit: A strong enough sentai has greater freedom with his powers. As a swift action, he may draw the weapon or weapons gained from Sentai levels or abilities, though they are treated as though their enhancement bonuses were 1 less than normal. Though this is a [Suit] ability, a sentai does not need to be wearing their suit to use this ability.

    Take the Lead[Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 5, Team Player, Diplomacy 8 ranks
    Benefit: The sentai leads by example, showing his allies how to do what he does. Whenever he uses an ability with a Team Bonus, he may treat any allies that could assist him in using it as though they had the ability in question and the Team Player class feature for the purposes of activating the Team Bonus.

    Team Tactics [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 5, Team Player
    Benefit: A sentai's suit can often keep up with the actions of his allies, giving him greater effectiveness at piercing defenses. If he attacks a creature that an ally had successfully attacked in the last round, he gains a +2 bonus on the attack roll. If multiple allies attacked that same target, the bonuses stack.

    Templated Sentai [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 3, Craft (Weaponsmithing or armorsmithing) 3 ranks
    Benefit: Some sentai have slightly customized gear, making small adjustments to fit their fighting style. Upon gaining this ability, a sentai's hero suit and weapon gain the benefits of a single weapon and armor template (DMGII p.273). Both weapon and hero suit must gain the same template. If the sentai has Sentai Knight, his shield gains the same template as well.

    Timeflipper [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 13, Timestepper, Tumble 16 ranks
    Benefit: The modifications to the suit have increased beyond taking advantage of eddies in time, to so much as creating them. Once per day, he may reverse time by one round, undoing all actions taken since the beginning of his last turn. This ability is still used, even though his state was reversed to the beginning of the round.

    Timestepper [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 9, Tumble 11 ranks
    Benefit: The sentai's suit has been modified to take advantage of eddies in time. A number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier, he may act as though under the effects of a haste spell, with a caster level equal to his Sentai level.

    Timestopper [Suit]
    Requirements: Sentai level 17, Timeflipper, Tumble 20 ranks
    Benefit: The extensive modifications to the sentai's suit have been further enhanced, allowing him to halt time momentarily and move within other's personal bubbles of time. As an immediate action, he may act as though under the effects of a time stop spell for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier each day. These rounds do not need to be consecutive, allowing him to to use one round early on in the day, and another two together at a later point, or any combination thereof. Furthermore, if an a creature casts time stop or any similar ability, he may make a Will save (DC equal to the ability's level, + the casting stat of the creature using it) to be affected by the ability as well as the caster, allowing him to move freely while time is stopped.

    Torture Technician [Self]
    Prerequisites: Harbinger of Dread class feature, Sentai level 9
    Benefit: The Pyscho Ranger is a master at causing pain and discomfort, and knows just where to strike a foe to cause the greatest injury possible. Whenever the Psycho Ranger deal damage with a slashing or piercing weapon, they leave behind deep, bleeding wounds that threaten to bleed out the victim; after inflicting piercing or slashing damage to a living creature, the victim must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 sentai level + strength modifier) or begin to bleed out at a rate of 1d6 points of damage per round. Each round, after damage from the bleeding is calculated, the victim may attempt to staunch it by making an additional fortitude save at the same DC. If the victim succeeds on this save, the bleed damage ends. A DC 15 heal check also ends the bleeding, as does any amount of magical healing.

    True Sentai [Self]
    Requirements: Sentai level 15
    Benefit: A sentai who has been fighting for a long while has grown attuned to his powers, and able to access them even when he otherwise should not be able to. He no longer requires his focus to use Henshin, and may transform at any time. If he uses his focus, his Henshin lasts for a number of minutes equal to his Sentai level, plus a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier, instead of a number of rounds equal to his Sentai level plus his Charisma modifier.

    Unarmored Grace [Suit]
    Requirements: Improved Sentai Knight, Sentai level 9, Tumble 13 ranks
    Benefit: Not all knights wear their armor for additional defense. Some have it as a limiter. Up to three times each day, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the sentai may remove the extra armor granted by Sentai Knight for a number of rounds equal to his charisma modifier plus 1, reducing the AC bonus to that granted by the default hero suit for the duration, though also adjusting the Max Dex, ACP, and ASF to that of the default hero suit. His Dexterity score increases by 2 while his armor is removed, and his speed increases by 10 feet. At 15th level, his speed increases by another 10 feet, and his Strength score increases by 2 when his armor is removed, and at 20th level he increases both his Strength and Dexterity scores by 2, as well as his speed by another 10 feet.
    He may use this an additional time each day at 15th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

    Unshakable Challenge [Self]
    Requirements: Lofty Challenge, Sentai level 13
    Benefit: The Guardian is a mighty defender, willing to put his body and life on the line for his allies, and possessed of a steely determination to bring the entirety of the forces of evil upon himself. Once per encounter, as a full round action, the sentai may use Lofty Challenge to target all enemies in range.
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