Seeing the crate break on the Graverler's thick hide and it was still standing John utters a small curse. Then hearing the fact they didn't want to surrender and they would rather die than do so just sends him over the edge.Fine if you really want to die... Houndoom Bite his head off. John barks to the Houndoom.

The Houndoom releases the goon's arm and this time jumps at his head. trying to put the man's head inbetween his powerful jaws. As if he was trying to break the goons head in between his jaws like a nut cracker.

Houndoom uses bite on the same goon(O4)
Ac:2 (1d20)[5](5) the goon flinches on a 15-20
Damage: (1d10+5)[5](10) + 16 (attack stat)