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Well, this is a blind game so we have to post to gather information.

The 6 people are:

Point at Grue Bait
(Point at) Bunny of Faith
(Point at) Gnomish Wanderer
(Point at) bladescape
(Point at) billtodamax
(Point at) Gray Mage

If any of them send an away notice pleas post in thread.
And what information do you expect to get out of pointing at inactives?

Point at Zar Peter until he claims something. Vote to kill off Grue Bait unless we see something highly suspicious or someone active refuses to claim when the wagon comes around.

People should move points to inactives on the last real life day, and anyone skipping more than one real life day at a time during day phases should be considered inactive. Note that the inactive stuff should ignore nights, such that someone not posting during the last 24 hours of day X and the first 24 hours of day X+1 should be considered inactive until they have multiple posts in the second 24 hours of day X+1 and revert to being considered inactive if they don't post during the third 24 hours of day X+1.

Everyone should be posting every day, potentially even multiple times a day, or this kind of WW game just falls flat on its face.