So I have to post more than once a day... even when I'm drunk?
Gues I don't have a choice.

I'm a bit flattered that nearly everyone uses my list without checking but I'm also a bit shocked that it's used to spread around the votes. To keep in mind, we need at least 14 votes today to get a lynch and we have currently:

Grue Bait: 2 (Zar Peter, The Grimmace)
Gnomish Wanderer: 2 (Vesth, The Crash Man)
calar: 1 (Matthias2207)
Gray Mage: 1 (Elemental)
Zar Peter: 2 (TBFProgrammer, super dark33)
bladescape: 2 (flabort, Pirate Monk)
C'Nor: 1 (Bookboy)

We have 11 votes, 17 people didn't vote today.
So, we need to concentrate our points a bit. And I would advise to kill one of the inactive in the end but that's just me. I want ALL players to have some fun in the game, including the wolves and neutral roles.