@ Sir Ebonwolf: See, a vote for Pirate Monk isn't really helpful right now, because we already got information from him yesterday. If you've got a legitimate suspicion, then you can change your vote later, but right now, we need more votes on someone who hasn't yet spilled the beans.

@Crash Man, pressuring Grue Bait is shaking him down for info. One and the same. An actual vote for him would be very helpful.

As to who to pressure, I was going to change to one of the other targets that had two, but Zar Peter won't claim without a bunch more votes (which makes him a possible lynch target at the end of the day, except that he's being helpful in other regards) and blade and Gnomish Wanderer aren't here, so we'll get nothing from them. That leaves Grue Bait and superdark who already have multiple votes, and superdark is honestly never helpful (no offense intended, but it's true)

So let's try to get at least one claim today, yes? Everyone vote Grue Bait! (Not to kill, mind you, but just for a claim. We can discuss who to kill afterwards, and if we don't reach a majority in time, then maybe the executioner will actually have the decency to cooperate, yes?)