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    Most of my useful contributions are fairly small, discrete modifications or additions. That's not to say I don't dream big sometimes, but I rarely finish my larger ideas.

    For the most part, I 'brew for 3.5, as that is the system I am most comfortable in. I also will often critique work done in that or PF; if you want another eye on your work, feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do.

    If you use any of these, please drop me a line! I'd love to hear how they worked out. Also, if you have a suggestion but the thread's been idle past the necromancy mark, send me a PM about it and I'll see what I can do.

    Largely Complete
    Magical Transference (because that cloak of resistance +5 is such a tacky color, darling!)
    Attune Focus (sometimes you really want to retrieve your spellcasting stuff)
    Annihilating material components (joke components are stupid, so let's throw them out and make something sensible)
    Protection from Arrows, fixed (because DR 10/magic is ignorable even at level 3 much of the time, and nigh-useless by level 7 at the latest)
    Organic Point Buy (a blend of PB and rolling I don't think anyone has thought of before, to hopefully get the best parts of each)
    Coup de grace = auto 20 (to make vorpal weapons and a few other corner cases work more sensibly)
    Equalization (a weapon for monks to use in restoring order and balance)
    Replacing the Phylactery of Faithfulness (needing a magic item tax for something your character should be able to figure out doesn't make much sense)
    Persistent Spell (3.5 metamagic fix) (persist is either too weak or too potent; here's a better try)
    Ranged Aid Another (the ability to fire volleys more intelligently)
    Unambigously allowing psicrystals to manifest and focus (because some DMs don't like the funkiness of letting psicrystals take psionic feats without restriction)
    A Hidden Stairway of Light (spell inspired by those fictional hard-to-see paths only a believer can tread)
    Turn concealment into flat AC bonus (a houserule with some significant ramifications)
    Stacking Resist Energy (spell to deal with that annoying interaction with protection from energy)
    Rogue-friendly Knock/Find Traps replacements (simple spell fixes)
    Reducing Friendly Fire (metamagic feat + ritual)
    Maze of Sleepy Repletion (a spell to emulate The Hobbit, in Mirkwood)
    Buried in History/Lorewhelm (two spells for that bookworm in your group)

    Works in Progress
    Orbs of logical energy (3.5 spell fix) (an orb of mundane acid that magically does sonic damage right out of the box is one of the stupidest things ever)
    New Undead type and Turn Undead rules (3.5 fix) (because 20 HD zombies at CR 6 are an abomination)
    Epic Spellcasting (3.5 fix) (like Monk or Fighter fixes, everybody has one)
    Scale Concentration by damage per round (an attempt at making Concentration checks harder across the board)
    Speak Language as a normal skill (a kind of stupid houserule idea to make Speak Language the sort of skill you can actually make checks for)
    Will Points and other vague ideas (parallel to hit points; a rare system-wide change idea)
    Enabling (Ex) Hypnosis (new skill usage)

    The Munchkarut (an inevitable of game disruption)
    Gummi Bears (3.5 joke monster) (Exactly What It Says On The Tin)
    New alignment system (D&D any) (a satire against reductionist alignment solutions)

    All the works listed here are owned and created by Nathan Tuggy, aka TuggyNE.

    Each of them is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.
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