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    Default Felis and Vita

    Update 73


    [Attack on the Hermitage]

    Brand, Waterstrider, and Justin have recovered six slaves; while DC, Wenomir, Harnel, and Cessie have arrived outside.


    [1st Lt Alice Delisle]

    Doing the paperwork for Jyarl's guardianship of Hellstomper. Also acting as an adviser at the Council meeting.

    [The Applehill Family]

    Lily cooed over baby Flamecrest, made friends with Freddy the Huldra, sulked about Pathfinder dating Reelshka when she wants to marry him when she grows up, fought with her brother, made friends with Kashi the dragon, and listened to a pair of stories by Pathfinder that made her sad.

    Tito partook in some of the above events, but with much less drama than Lily brings to everything.

    Pansy and Brand took advantage of storytime to slip off to their cabin together.

    Meanwhile, Brand's plot clone is rescuing slaves.

    [Billie] / [Elaine de Vere Stevenson]

    Billie finally agreed to let Elaine manifest, and then the plot went on hold because a long self rp post needs writing.


    Won Andy in the Masks charity auction, and after he insulted her hats, he finally agreed to wear a cheese hat as a model.

    [Charity Evans]

    Found out that Edijar plans to retire, which makes her very very happy. The couple have decided to remain on base for now, as long as Bugs is alive.

    [Cole "Kell"]

    Discovered that cities are scary places that make him feel wrong and that the citizens of the Nexus share names freely with strangers. He followed a bee to the WARDEN thread, where he told them they could call him Kell, which means 'boy' in the priest's language. He called the bees to him, and thy started building a hive in the cave complex. And he turned down a room, preferring to live out of doors.

    Late, the bees sent him to the Outside thread to investigate a crashed pod. Soon after he got there, a woman emerged.


    Discovered that Ilpholin has been turned into a Cuthan demon and is devastated. She told Wenomir, who told Cessie, who is currently in a Council meeting with Ilpholin now. Darcy is considering how to intervene and rescue her friend.

    [Decker the Catgirl]

    Keeps chasing sunbeams into deadtime.

    [Decker the Devil Swanmay]

    Got aged off-screen to nineteen, and showed up at AMEN for her summer
    break from Hell School.

    [Felis Octavius and Vita Octavia]

    These twins, the niece and nephew of the rebellious Governor Octavius of Thessoloniki, escaped the capture of their city by the Imperium with the help of a mercenary group known as the Virtues of Slaanesh. The twins share a permanent psychic bond, but have very different personalities. Vita once aspired to be a Vestal Virgin, and is devoted to family and order, while Felis is carefree and impulsive.

    When Felis fell into the hands of the Slaaneshi mercs, who were originally hired by the invaders, he impulsively offered them anything in his power if they would turn sides and help him save the city. They accepted, and though they could not save the city, they were able to save Vita and help smuggle out the body of their Uncle to prevent his body being displayed by the Imperium.

    Felis feels drawn to them, particularly to the human male known as Pet who has kissed him a few times. However, Vita is instinctively repulsed by the air of Chaos that she can feel around them, and doesn't understand why her brother is suddenly attracted to a man for the first time.

    In the fall of the city, Vita was shot, and tried to save her Uncle by manifesting Vesta's sacred flame, badly burning her right hand. Felis, who has always had good fortune, escaped uninjured.

    The twins are now with their rescuers in Riverside, emotionally shellshocked by their losses.

    [Gus Acre] / [Jake Stevenson]

    See Billie/Elaine.

    [Jefferies Hellstomper]

    Jyarl decided to give the orc girl he adopted the name Jefferies, after the fire chief who rescued her. Jefferies was pleased with the name, and even more pleased when she was taken to the rec centre and fed STEAK! =D

    Now he's taking her to Mallside to buy clothes.

    [Missy] aka Submission-in-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax

    Had her heart transplant and went with Magtok back to Morningside, to try and track down her child. She got his name and address by forcibly searching her parents' home, and then watched him playing at the playground near his house. She spoke to the boy's adoptive father, and discovered that the adoptive parents didn't know he'd been taken from her against her will. She decided to let the father believe she'd given him up voluntarily, and promised him she wouldn't try to disrupt their lives by insisting on a relationship with Hal. She just needed to know he was happy.

    After the father and son left the park, Missy and Magtok buried her heart in the graveyard of the Arnaudin church that the adoptive family attends. When they got back to the MagCave, Missy cried all over Magtok, and then played video games with him for a couple of hours.

    When leaving, she met Pat, who tried to give her advice on how to get a MagClone of her own.


    Moff 4 is headed out on a search for DRAGON TREASURE! Yay!

    Numerous Moffs are at Beachside partying. Moff 101 had an 80s buddy feel-good movie with Romeo, Dave, and Jack the lifeguad.


    Offscreen. NPCable.

    [Salixtra / Willow Warwick]

    Got a monetary settlement from Magtok to replace her Landrover Discovery and the gear inside. Jealous of Plat's attentions to Devi, despite being in a relationship with Arthur.

    [Sunny Goodfellow Evans]

    Just discovered that Bugs is dying.

    [Winslow Warwick] and family



    Is presumably doing naughty forum unsafe stuff with Kirk and Haruki, who won the two auctions she was in, offscreen.

    Also arrived at Riverside to take part in the temple dedication.


    Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

    Character list:

    1st Lt Alice Delisle
    Basil Finch
    Brand Applehill and family
    Carly Bryson
    Charity Evans
    Charlotta and LottieCole
    Dag Ingasson
    Darcy Turtle Brightember
    Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
    Decker the Catgirl
    Elaine de Vere Stevenson
    Elias Larmette
    Felis Octavius
    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
    Gamaliel and Paul
    George Shackleton
    Gus Acre
    Hannah Snow
    Jake Stevenson
    Lorraine Godolphin
    Leah Loveman
    Missy Halifax
    Moff Four
    Moff Thirteen
    Molly Fitzhenry
    Ostari Elves
    Peter Raven
    Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
    Salixtra / Willow Warwick
    Simone Isandwana
    Sunny Evans
    The Trickster
    Vasilisa and family
    Vinicio D'Angelis
    Vita Octavia
    Winslow Warwick and family

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