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My intent was to give the player many options to choose from. You can prioritize Strength, avoid maneuvers with Save DC's (although there are a few with Str based DC's in other disciplines), and be a strait melee build with some cool mobility options. You can prioritize Dex, use Weapon Finesse and maybe the Falling Star discipline, the Momentum stance, and maneuvers with Save DC's. You can prioritize both Str and Dex, and have very high opposed checks, but some MAD issues. You can even prioritize Wisdom, use Intuitive Strike and Wis based Swordsage disciplines.
Ahh I see. Definitely makes sense!

But I love the idea of having maneuvers focused on dropping on top of your enemy. Give me a little time to write and play test them, then I'll add them to the list.
Yup that's what I thought too. Literally getting the drop on your opponents would be fun and hilarious. It would match the "mobile striker" feeling of the discipline too.