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    Default Re: It's Morphin' Time! (3.P Base Class/Archetypes) (WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by Prime32 View Post
    First, I should point out that "sentai" roughly means "taskforce". Individual members are usually referred to as senshi (warriors).
    Noted, but Sentai gets the point across better.

    Needs a fear effect on Background Explosion/greater fear from posing as a team than solo.
    There'll be some vanillia sentai only abilities that do that.

    Also, some way to combine attacks. Maybe if you ready an action to attack at the same time as a fellow sentai, the damage from your attacks is combined? Or if everyone does it while adjacent to each other, the attack becomes a line.
    Hm... Seems interesting. Might do that.

    Maybe gain a single ability based on colour. Red gets inspiration abilities which he can redirect to himself when he sees his teammates defeated (think Inverse Ninja Law). Other options include faster maneuver recovery, Powerful Build, virtual ranks in all Knowledge skills, and Cha to AC.
    Hm... good ideas. "Custom Suit", maybe?

    The enhancement bonus for the weapon/armor is pretty low, and it doesn't say if you can enchant them normally. I'd also suggest some ability which lets you Quick Draw the weapon and convert it between different forms (the weapon also gains the aptitude property). Because guns that turn into swords/vice versa are a staple.
    Yeah, I made the base enhancement bonus low, because there are plenty of abilities flowing, so sinking some into abilities to buff the weapon/armor is fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by killianh View Post
    Seems to be a good solid class, but to keep with the theme it's based one I would include things that allow the class users to ride constructs that at gargantuan or larger from the inside, specialized constructs for the members of the class, and add the ability for said constructs to have the inherent ability to form together with other constructs belonging to the same class owners.

    potentially making the constructs similar to the weapons of legacy so that level up with you

    Knew this was going to be suggested from the start.

    Mechs are going to be a PrC, eventually. They aren't... Right for a base class.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    Or use something like this?
    That was something I was considering for the PrC, yes.

    Nice rework. Brings the class up a notch too, with the martial maneuvers.
    Heh. Thanks.

    Magician Archetype is going up in a few minutes. It's using Spellshaping instead of maneuvers!
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