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    Default Re: It's Morphin' Time! (3.P Base Class/Archetypes) (WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by killianh View Post
    Seems to be a good solid class, but to keep with the theme it's based one I would include things that allow the class users to ride constructs that at gargantuan or larger from the inside, specialized constructs for the members of the class, and add the ability for said constructs to have the inherent ability to form together with other constructs belonging to the same class owners.

    potentially making the constructs similar to the weapons of legacy so that level up with you
    Quote Originally Posted by The-Mage-King View Post

    Knew this was going to be suggested from the start.

    Mechs are going to be a PrC, eventually. They aren't... Right for a base class.
    Indeed. The first few Super Sentai series didn't even have mecha! *nerdglasses*

    Maybe another PrC for characters with multiple forms and/or Super Modes? A Sentai Ability which lets you summon a bike mount? (speaking of which, this class needs Ride as a class skill)

    EDIT: Maybe at a certain level you gain a special weapon which you can fire as a full-round action, dealing 2d6 damage per class level (Ref half). If adjacent to other sentai with special weapons and you attack the same target at the same time, you can choose to combine your attacks into a single attack which sums the damage and gains a bonus to the save DC based on the number of participants.

    Now is there any way to enforce "hold back the best attack for last"? Maybe the finishing moves are 1/1d4 rounds and take heavy penalties to accuracy, but every X points of damage dealt by Strike of Justice reduces the penalty against that target...
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