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    Default Re: It's Morphin' Time! (3.P Base Class/Archetypes) (WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by Prime32 View Post
    Sigging Change!

    Well plenty of teams have bikes (moreso Power Rangers than Super Sentai), or occasionally brooms/hoverboards/whatever. Riding vehicles doesn't come up very often, but it seems established enough for Ride as a class skill at least. (they can get the bike itself through methods outside the class, like just buying one)
    Point... But if they take Twin Spirit, they get ride for free!

    But yeah. Rider Archetype is needing some work.

    And if they want it Ride without the mount thing, they can grab Themed Sentai at first level for it and another skill, at a +2 bonus.

    That's more for one with a pet than for a REAL mounted warrior.

    Anyway, any critisism about the feats and abilities so far?
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