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Thread: [Nexus] The Hunting Grounds

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    A deity has come to the Nexus, and has claimed a large stretch of land to be her own. To the south is a large salt water sea, home to different fish and other creatures. Just to the north, open hills, a forest, and the beginnings of plains. Northwest of there? Mountains, plateaus, with many cave systems trailing beneath the surface. And on the far side, in the rain shadow of the mountains, a desert stretches as far as the eye can see.


    The natural creatures here have already learned some of what this goddess is doing. Hunters that have died have come back to life, and they are rewarded for killing larger game with improvements to their selves. A hunter in the area received a new bow for managing to kill a wyvern. The goddess favors the strong, and rewards them with more strength

    A call is sent out to all the warriors and hunters of the Nexus. If they wish to participate in this glorious never ending hunt, they shall be allowed to stay as long as they choose. If not, they may remain in their homes. It is of no concern to the goddess.

    The Hunt has begun.


    Rules and Notes:
    So, here's the skinny, partly stolen shamelessly from other threads.

    1. This is an open thread. Anybody can stumble across the hunting grounds if you want them to, but keep in mind that anybody here is fair game to be attacked by the other players, including with their monsters.

    2. Anybody can introduce a new monster without consulting me first. If you want a lightning unicorn? Go for it. Just remember that anything made here has to have a way to be killed. That isn't to say it can't be extremely difficult, but it should be capable of dying.

    3. This is a high lethality thread. Fights will happen here constantly, so don't complain if you get eaten by some terrible monstrosity. However, this leads us into the next point...

    4. If you character (or monster) proves themselves, they will be resurrected a few days later in a relatively safe location. To prove yourself, you need to show the goddess that you are a hunter. Creatures of humanoid intelligence will find their minds degrading slightly every time this happens, though this is eliminated if you prove yourself once more. Weaklings however? Die without the goddess resurrecting them. They can be raised by other means, but the goddess will not support a weakling.

    5. Every time a character or beast makes an impressive kill, they are rewarded in some way. Perhaps a swordsman is given a sword made from the bones of the dragon he just killed, or a wolf that kills a bear is given saber teeth to hunt larger prey. The rewards are always personalized, and I'll work with you to decide what they'll receive.

    6. Moon_called and I are effectively Co-GMing this thread. If you have won a fight and haven't gotten a reward yet, send a message to one of us and We'll pick up the slack. Same goes if you've been wanting to fight someone but nobody is taking the bait.
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