In Front Of A Large Cave

A pair of brothers stand in front of the cave. They heard The Call to the Hunters and came to test themselves. Not to the Goddess or even their own Spirits, but to themselves and each other. The first of the two, Pathfinder, is a tall tan furred Wolfen with red lines dyed into his fur. His mane is long and braided, filled with colored glass beads and feathers. He carries a bone and wooden spear in his right paw, and other than the flint daggers in his belt, wears nothing else.

His brother appears similar to him, but Waterstrider looks more akin to a gold-furred Husky than wolf. The Welfen is taller than his brother, and even though he is slimmer, is still physically more powerful than his twin. He wields only a pair of stone hatchets, balanced for throwing, aside from his claws, fangs, and a knife.

They're quite, speaking to each other through scents and body language. Spying a rocky outcropping above the cave, Pathfinder begins to climb to it. Waterstrider gives him a good start before starting to sneak into the cave, his eyes, ears, and nose open to any sound, sight, and scent that can be found.