Wolfen At The Cave

Pathfinder draws his brother's spare hatchet from Waterstrider's belt during the spin, and they charge together. When the creature spins and launches the barbs, Waterstrider steps in front of his brother, shielding him with his body. A pair of barbs dig into his chest, but he only gives a growl of annoyance as his blood boils. He'd feel the pain later, but for now, all that mattered was that he would taste the creature's blood on his fangs. He and Pathfinder continue on their path, and they strike quickly.

Waterstrider will be the first to do so, hurling his well-balanced hatchet at the base of the creature's tail, intending to destroy the spine at that point. Pathfinder, a moment behind, throws his at the animal's face. That throw isn't too good, but it's meant to be a distraction. As soon as the weapon is thrown, the shaman draws one of his daggers from his belt and leaps, trying to land on the animal's back to try and dig the weapon in.