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    [Forest-Helicopter Wreck]

    A short, wiry man in a long brown coat, jeans, and body armor emerges from the wreckage of a burning helicopter. He looks around in confusion.

    "Well, I sure don't remember this being where I went down. Guess I got knocked on the head harder than I thought."

    He winces and rubs his cranium.

    "Could've been the hangover too, though. In retrospect, not a great call."

    Jaren takes stock of his surroundings and the burning helicopter wreckage, and comes to the conclusion that he might as well move on in hope of finding some shelter, water, or better yet, civilization.

    Jaren pulls some equipment out of the helicopter and sets off into the forest.

    ((We'll assume that he's on a collision course for the giant crab fight, eventually, though I won't be able to get there tonight. If you want to throw something at me in the interim that's OK too.))
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