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    Out in the Open

    Depending on just how open this area is, Grantz may receive help from a distance. Having taken cover, or the best cover he can manage given the situation, a slim, wiry fey stalks the Shen Gaoren. He wears only some camouflage fatigues, a pair of hiking boots, and gratuitous amounts of green-brown facepaint.

    In his hand, a large, ornate wooden bow is held. It's strung with a long white thread, impossibly thin and gleaming in the sun. Without a word to the other combatant, Adir advances slightly and draws a single arrow from his simple quiver. The feathered ammunition is lovingly crafted and the obsidian tip is honed to a razor's edge, so that it might pierce as deeply as possible.

    Aiming with the skill of a well-practiced hunter, the stag notches this to his bow and fires in almost the same instant. Should it fly true, the arrow will pierce deep into the beast's eye, rendering it half blind and perhaps even causing brain damage.
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