Douglas nodded. And, since that didn't mean anything and the machoke at his side was distinctly not Truse who knew him better, he then had to mutter, "Help me balance. Go forward a bit."

Zon was then entirely too quick about it, which shot layers of agony up the breeder's leg as 'be led forward' became a lot more quick than he was used top. He clenched his teeth together while keeping his face as steady as he could. Ouch.

"The way I see it." He paused there for a moment, which looked like it was for impact but was actually because Zon realized he was talking and froze up, which was absolutely the wrong answer as it caused him to stub his poor leg. Ugh.

"You've already lost, at this point. You're out of pokemon, and surrounded by three people - all of whom have proven themselves especially capable of causing harm, and several pokemon to boot. You then mentioned that your boss would be less than pleased with you losing, and at the moment even if you managed to escape, that would result in facing down an unhappy boss."

He shifted his weight. "Oorrr, alternately, we can try to make things a lot easier for both of us. Just calm down for a moment, and let's talk for awhile. I'll put in a few words with the rangers shortly thereafter, and you keep your legs from being grinded off. Or from being set on fire or struck by lightning."

Those last few words felt really bizzare to come out of his mouth once he'd said them. Could everyone here shoot fire or lightning or... or tornadoes or hurricanes or whatever? Yikes! He'd say it sounded surreal - and it did - but granted, he'd just spoken to someone who possesses pokemon, met a half dozen people who could read minds, and discovered Rayquazza was real... so maybe this was becoming par for the course.

Or something.

Either way, it was now up to the 'Steelix Tail' to decide.


Charisma check! [roll0]