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    Near the Beach

    There is a man walking along the sandy shore of the beach. He's quite tall, and has a youthful quality to him. He looks to be an adult, but only just. From his shoulders hangs a heavy, ornate red coat, with silver embroidery worked along the collar, the hems, halfway up his sleeves, and the bottom where it hangs by his calves. Below the coat he wears a simple black shirt, and breaches that are tucked into calf-high brown boots. His skin, dark blue, is made up of tiny, hard scales. Hanging out from the slits of his coat is a long, thin tail that ends in a sharp, black spade. His black hair is straight and shoulder-length, pulled back at the nape of his neck by a jade pin.

    In his hands, carefully manicured, is a large and leather-bound tome. The pages that he rifles through are mostly blank, but there's one that's covered in a cursive script. A chain runs through the spine of the book, where it is attached to his belt and hangs under his coat when he isn't actively reading from it. Also hanging from the chain is a single fountain pen made of some sort of black metal.

    Well, Mercutio, he muses to himself, this should be an interesting little research trip you've gotten yourself into.
    The devil had heard tell of this strange new plane a few months ago, and had put quite a bit of effort in getting here. The strange creatures and the unusual Goddess that ruled it were something that needed to be studied. And, he hoped, learned from.
    Near the Beach

    "Hello there little beast! I come to this place of fighting, glory and death, and all Jakob has found are scrawny things like you." From a nearby copse of trees a massive brute of a man lumbers onto the shore, standing behind Mercutio and about 30 yards distant.

    Should Mercutio turn to look at the man, he'll find he stands about twelve feet high, and must have been just barely concealed by the treetops by his slouched posture. Each arm is almost as large around as a normal man's torso, knuckles nearly scrapping the ground as he leans forward. He looks almost apelike in stature, although his flinty, semi-focused eyes hold a man's intelligence.

    Around his neck a loose chain hangs, each link about the thickness of a man's thumb, "You are only young yet, and it would be a shame to see you go before you could be more amusing. Take a shot at me little beast, so you can prove yourself to this place and come back once I've put you down. The best game is the one you can kill many times over."
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