Pressed against the pillar Mordiun licks his upper lip frustrated by his indecisiveness.

And it cost him the life of one of the priests. And with it probably the answers he was looking for. To prevent his search from heading to a dead end. He has to do something drastic. And where does that peach flavor come from?.. right.

He starts to notice the Silver Elf and one of the priests fighting each other appear to be allies and when he overheard they wanted the priest alive he rushes into action.

Mordiun attempts to get behind the remaining cleric fighting against an other cleric and a robed warrior.

And tries to hit him with the flat of his Dwarven Axe.

Attacking only with his Axe as the other weapon can't be applied non lethal

Attack (1d20+7)[26] (1d20+7)[15] crit if needed
Damage (1d10+3)[8]
anny penalties for none lethal damage, can't find it?