A large creature is flying around one of the peaks, squealing loudly to mark its territory. The creature has thick, brown skin and large, feathered wings of a matching colour. Apart from the feathers it has short, coarse hairs sparsely covering its body. It has the shape of a pig, although the size of a large ox. It has four large tusks protruding from its lower jaw, and its beady black eyes gleam with malevolence.


A man is here, pushing his way through the undergrowth. He's wearing a pair of stained and battered suit trousers, a much stained white shirt with a missing sleeve and an equally stained and ripped waistcoat. His feet are clad in battered hiking boots. His skin is pale, his eyes red, and his hair is black. Rather than using a machete, he slashes through thick shrubbery with his claw-like fingernails.