Near the Beach

Jakob is well acquainted with the act of launching yourself at your foes, even if the teleportation adds a layer of unpredictability to this attempt. Kneeling shakily on his feet, the over-muscled giant has only a split second to react, so he raises both hands into the path of the blades, letting them slide through his palms. It's only due to his enormous armspan that his eyes are spared.

When the swords are driven up to the hilt into his palms, Jakob grins and closes his meaty fingers, trying to trap Mercutio's hands in an iron grip.

"Was good game we played little beast. We will play again when you are better, yes?" around Jakob's chest, a dark mist begins to collect ominously, obviously meant to be some kind of finishing blow.

((Last part only applies if Mercutio's hands are trapped.))