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    Cassidy Scarlett
    "How do you want me to kick your ass, chummer? Fists, or bullets?"

    Alias: Twig
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Profession: Shadowrunner

    Description: Cass does not appear feminine in any way. She is tall and well-built, and has cut her black hair very short. Her arms are covered in tattoos of varying styles, and are shown off by the tanktop she wears when not on a run. Also distinctive are the goggles she often wears, which have modifications to allow for different types of vision, like low-light or thermographic. Though her natural eyes are brown, she wears contact lenses that she can change however she wants.

    Personality: Cassidy is arrogant and acts very much like someone from the streets. She has a very fiery demeanor, and will talk back to just about anyone she doesn't like. She's prone to getting angry, and likes to settle disputes with her fists a lot more often than with words. Cass also doesn't trust many people - that's just a byproduct of her career. The few that she does manage to trust, though, have gained a friend who'll put her life on the line for their safety, even though she will complain about it.

    Abilities: Cass is an adept - someone who uses magic to improve their physical abilities. As a result, she's incredibly fast. By the time a guard aims their rifle at her, she's already right next to them and popping them in the neck. She can also see into the astral world, which allows her to see spirits and magical auras. Finally, her speed and strength allows her to run straight up walls and easily jump across rooftops.

    She's also a shadowrunner, and a good shot with a good few firearms. Mostly SMG's and assault rifles. She is also good at stealth, something she tends to put to good use.

    Equipment: -Her goggles, which have multiple alternate methods of vision.
    -An HK Urban Combat SMG, made entirely of nonmetal components for security reasons.
    -An M4 assault rifle, loaded with a clip of cold ammo.
    -A grapple gun, which is just a fancy grappling hook.
    -Gecko tape gloves. Essentially, these stick to vertical surfaces, and make it easy to climb sheer walls.

    Backstory: Cassidy grew up in the vast slums of 2050's Seattle. Until she was about sixteen, she lived in constant poverty, and pickpocketed credsticks to survive. Then a fixer introduced her to shadowrunning, committing crimes for the megacorps of the world. Now she lives a live of high risk, high reward.
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