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    Wait. Some of the skills are cross class? This wasn't indicated. Can you please indicate which skills are class and cross class, both for AI and not.
    Unless that was a joke. In which case, good one. (I think My AI has innuendo, not me. I will check my abilities in innuendo.)

    One of my AI's do, but I'm not sure If i can actualy use it untrained.
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    To avoid harming the sanity of the DM I can no longer:

    * Cast flesh to stone on a annoying Druid
    ** Cast Rock to mud on a Druid statue
    *** Scoop mud into little ceramic pots
    **** Plant tree's in individual ceramic pots
    ***** Claim that I have helped them become one with nature
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    Congrats, you made me laugh hard enough to draw my family's attention.